Google môže mať problémy pre skladbu výsledkov vyhľadávania

Google continues to fail to prioritize legal music sites over illegal sites in search results, claiming that its algorithm for search results is based on the relevance of sites to consumers” explaining “With a view to addressing this failure, IFPI obtained a highly confidential and preliminary legal opinion in July 2011 on the possibility of bringing a competition law [antitrust] complaint against Google for abuse of its dominant position, given the distortion of the market for legitimate online music that is likely to result from Google’s prioritizing of illegal sites.” So it seems whether the legal action will actually be launched is a matter of whether or not Google will come to the table and meets the recoding industry’s demands – which seem to be to very much mirror those that would have been implemented had the SOPA and PIPA legislation been passed into US law. That said, it is hard not to have some sympathy with the record industry’s position – one website notes that “searching ‘Adele download’ on Google returns only two legitimate links with the rest being links to The Pirate Bay, filestube and other free MP3 sites”.