Súd sa pýta SDEÚ na právo byť zabudnutý vo výsledkoch Google

Ako som publikoval už na svojom blogu, španielsky súd položil tieto otázky v súvislosti s veľmi zaujímavým konaním, ktoré mu pripravil tunajší úrad na ochranu osobných údajov. Ako píše prof. Peguera:

The issue is in essence whether individuals have the right to oblige search engines to erase or block search results that point to personal information. The Court making the referral is the Audiencia Nacional. Some 130 cases are pending before it, in which Google is appealing injunctions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Authority against the search engine. The specific case considered in the referral relates to an official notice of foreclosure, derived from an outstanding debt with the Social Security, which appeared in La Vanguardia (a Catalan newspaper) in January 19, 1998. The debt was later on paid by the debtor and the foreclosure never took place. However, if you type the name of the concerned person on Google, the first result links to the page of the newspaper’s archive showing that old notice of foreclosure.

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