Bioetika v judikatúre ESĽP

ESĽP na svojej stránke publikoval veľmi zaujímavý analytický dokument s názvom Bioethics and the case-law of the Court. Dokument sumarizuje široký diapazón tém oblasti bioetiky, vrátane uchovávanie a spracúvania osobných dát ako DNA v judikatúre ESĽP. Z abstraktu:

The term “bioethics” has been understood for the purposes of this report to encompass the protection of the human being (his/her human rights and in particular human dignity) in the context of the development of biomedical sciences. Specific issues which come under this term and are addressed in the report include reproductive rights (prenatal diagnosis and the right to a legal abortion), medically assisted procreation, assisted suicide, consent to medical treatment or examinations, ethical issues concerning HIV, retention of biological data by the authorities and the right to know one’s biological identity. These complex issues are increasingly being raised before the European Court of Human Rights, and we can perhaps expect more applications touching subjects such as gene therapy, stem cell research and cloning in the future. The cases cited raise important questions and often highly sensitive issues under Articles 2, 3, 5, 6 and most often Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. New cases which do not appear in the previous report are indicated with a double asterisk “**”.

V obsahu nájde aj také zaujímavé témy práva IT ako:

  • The right to know one’s biological identity?
  • Retention of finger print, cellular samples and/or DNA by authorities

Dokument v .pdf.